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Houston Dentist – M Smiles

At M Smiles, our desire is to provide a comfortable, quality dental experience worth talking about. Dr. Navid Malik, DDS has studied methods of dentistry that enable him to provide the highest level of care, comfortably.

Dr. Malik has surrounded himself with a skilled team of friendly individuals who enjoy dentistry. We take pride in our work and helping others, and hope our patients can see the difference at M Smiles.

Not only do we have a new, welcoming and friendly dental office, we also have the best technology available. Our knowledge, skill and technology allows us to provide effective dental treatment, while achieving higher levels of comfort. Call 832-461-1852. Come see us!

Dr. Navid Malik, DDS

Houston Dentist, Navid Malik, DDS

“We spend much of our adult lives working. We enjoy what we do and feel that our team and our patients are family to us. We hope our patients can feel the intended high level of care that we constantly strive for.”

Dr. Malik moved to College Station from Columbus Ohio in 8th grade. He graduated from The University of Texas (magna cum laude) with a B.A. in Microbiology. He then attended The University of Texas Dental School in Houston TX.

“I always had a fear of Dentists growing up and my goal is to provide the care and comfort I want as a patient because I know how stressful dentistry can be. Thank you for your trust in M Smiles and welcome to our family.”

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We believe that building a friendly, inviting dental practice that focuses on the comfort of patients and quality of dental care will allow M Smiles to provide a great dental experience for years to come.

Our team is made of individuals who are dedicated to the service and well-being of others. We believe that this like-minded dynamic will allow us to provide the level of care that our patients deserve.

Our Dental Services

At M Smiles, we provide a wide range of services so our patients can get the care they need in the comfort of our office. We focus on high quality, gentle procedures so our patients experience a pain-free dental experience.

Below are the categories of services we provide for our patients. If you have any questions, please call us at 832-461-1852.

Contact M Smiles

Call us at 832-461-1852 or fill out our contact form:

Our Dental Team

Not only are quality and comfort our priorities, but also effective communication. We have a great, experienced team that will ensure you are taken care of throughout all aspects of treatment at M Smiles.


Office Manager • Hometown: Houston, TX • In Dentistry: 10+ Years

Blanca - Office Manager - M Smiles

“I have been in the Dental field for 27 years and I love to help people accomplish a beautiful smile at the end of every day. I started my career when I was only 17 years old and I knew from the beginning that I was in the right path.”

Blanca is an empathetic, effective and motivated professional who combines clinical experience with compassion to meet the challenges facing today’s dental healthcare organizations.

A collaborative team player, Blanca acts as a key resource to colleagues and allied health professionals. She has a clear awareness of diverse backgrounds and is alert to widely varied patient needs and circumstances. Patients love her and we’re glad to have her on the team.


Dental Assistant • Hometown: Houston, TX • In Dentistry: 6 Years

Brittany - Dental Assistant - M Smiles

“Information about Brittany coming soon!”

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